Screen time for The Apprentice and first 4 episodes

I truly want an explanation of why they like Hook so much because David is white and gorgeous too and he just had a baby, and the new guy is also white and some people might find him cute and that’s a whole new story to develop, and kristoff is white too and frozen fans like him enough to get this show a fourth season, and there is also Rumple who a lot of people enjoy in screen. So if they need a white boy why Hook? Like I understand they can’t put women on screen all the time god forbid all those ovaries start being independent to their bars, but of all white male hunky eye candy characters why Hook?

Same same same same same.

The only reason Charming and Rumple are anywhere close to Hook is that they had flashbacks. Imagine what the breakdown would look like for present day scenes. And man, I feel sorry for Belle fans. I know she gets a centric in ep six but 16 seconds?!?! That’s insulting. And to date, Hook has EIGHT TIMES as much screen time as her. One more thing, if you added deleted scenes, Snow and probably Regina would practically double their time.

this is so fucking disgusting. this show was about Emma, Regina, and Henry, and their family. secondary characters should never, NEVER outweigh any of those people, let alone those who serve no purpose in the plot. 

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